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BPM Solutions Matters® is here to help organizations become more efficient, flexible and more effective by examining, refining and optimizing business processes. 


Business Process Management (BPM) is one of Yasna’s passions discovered through her career path and education.  She possesses over 25 years of professional experience in corporate management, presentations, sales, project management, and coaching while maintaining a strong focus in the business development sector.  Her main education consists from both Business Studies and Hospitality Management, at Humber Guelph and University of Toronto.   Yasna specializes in leading organizations through significant changes, and assists during the implementation process, training and management in order to achieve desired outcomes. 


Yasna is fluent in English, French, and Spanish.  She was born in Latin America, was raised part of her childhood in Quebec City and has lived a big part of her life in beautiful Ontario.  Yasna is a proud mother of three wonderful grown-up children.  She's a strong believer in life work balance, and has developed many new hobbies outside the corporate world to compliment her lifestyle and future goals.  Yasna is dedicated, passionate and committed to her career, business, family, and friends.  


Mission Statement

Available to assist you and your team comprehend which goals and targets are required to reach your revenue strategic objectives - KPI.




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